Author Guidelines

Contributing to the Magazine

The Dimensions Team of SDMIMD recognizing the analytic and writing skills of SDMites has taken the initiative to create a forum for all to exhibit their talent. The papers submitted would undergo an editorial process by a group of peers before it is published on the magazine. The magazine is bi-annual and as such the submissions policy of the magazine is to encourage submissions 2 months in advance. This will be intimated to the student community periodically, well in advance. The papers could cover any topic within business, economic, marketing, HR and finance; covering the breadth and depth of academic field. The papers need to be academic and have some original content in it. Any relevant & interesting research done can be shared in this magazine. The magazine also accepts the interviews, book reviews and case studies from the student community.

How Does One Benefit from Writing for the Magazine?

As an online magazine, it will be shared with SDMIMD community, alumni, corporate connections and the entire World Wide Web, thus it is an opportunity to showcase your research and writing skills to a large audience. Furthermore professional writing and research are important skills in any career and this is an opportunity to develop these skills. We also hope that this could be a forum to share knowledge and interact with your peers with common academic interests as well as an opportunity for knowledge to flourish within the SDMIMD community.

Guidelines for submitting articles & papersSDMIMD is creating a platform for all student community to exhibit their writing and analytical skills through an online magazine. The magazine would like to have submissions for well written, concise academic articles, for this magazine.Subject of the article

  • The article should fall within the scope of Business, Economics, Finance, HR, Marketing, or Information Technology.

Article style

  • As a general rule the original articles which is not submitted or published elsewhere will be considered
  • The article should follow proper citation methods and avoid all forms of plagiarism
  • This magazine would follow the APA – Author, Date style of in-text citation
  • A reference list should be given at the end of the article .The references should follow the APA guideline for the reference list
  • The articles should be in readable English, targeted to a general audience, with minimal use of complex technical terms, or explanations for technical terms
  • Articles, should limit the use of tables, formulas and diagrams to the minimal for the necessary explanation;

Articles Structure

  • The articles should have a maximum page limit of 1-3 pages, using Times New Roman font, with font size 12.
  • Each article should have an abstract of between 50-100 words, giving a summary of the article
  • Each article should identify keywords related to the submitted article
  • The articles should at minimum have a proper essay structure, with an introduction, body and conclusion. The authors should include headings, subheading and do paragraphs structuring as required.

Additional information

  • Each paper should be submitted with the details of the author; name, batch and other affiliations if any.

Post submission procedure

  • After a paper is submitted it would undergo a review by the student peer editorial board of the magazine.
  • The articles could go under three possible categories: Accept, Reject, or Review.
  • If the editorial board accepts an article it would go onto the webpage with minimal or no editing.
  • The editors will make all the necessary changes.
  • If the publication committee sends the article for Review, the author is responsible to make the recommended changes to the article and resubmit to the Editorial Board.
  • A rejected article will be given the explanation for why it was rejected.

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