February 2023 – Dimensions × Swayam E-cell Special Issue

Macro Approach on Entrepreneurship in India and Global
Macro Approaches in Entrepreneurship: Indian and Global Context
Mr. Pratheek 
PGDM 2022-24
The Psychology behind Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
Unveiling the Psychology Behind Entrepreneurship: Understanding
the Key Traits of Successful and
Unsuccessful Start-Up Founders 

Ms. Srilakshmi G
PGDM 2022-24
Decoding Psychology Behind Starting Up
Mr. Kaydawala Saifuddin
PGDM 2022-24
Asking the Right Question, “Do Entrepreneurs Risk It All?”
Mr. Yashas M. D
PGDM 2022-24
Mind and Market: Psychology and
Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Ms.Akhila H.S
PGDM 2022-24
Technological Entrepreneurship
Mr. Sanjay Kushwaha
PGDM 2022-24
From Startup to Scaleup: The Story of Tech Entrepreneurs
Mr. Shaman R
PGDM 2022-24
Women Entrepreneurship 
Breaking Barriers: The
Rise of Women Entrepreneurship
in India

Ms. Sakshi Singh
PGDM 2022-24
Women Entrepreneurship: The Real Scenario
Ms. Parthavi Bhadauria
PGDM 2022-24
Women Entrepreneurs: Lending A Helping Hand
Ms. Sourabha G
PGDM 2022-24
Opinion Section
Ms. Sudha Kumari 
PGDM 2022-24
Mr. Kaydawala Saifuddin
PGDM 2022-24
Rural entrepreneurship
Rural Renaissance: The Rise
of Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Countryside

Mr. Akshay V 
PGDM 2022-24
Rural Entrepreneurship: The Way Forward
Ms. Rithika M 
PGDM 2022-24
An Overview of Rural Entrepreneurship in India
Mr. Aditya Deogiri
PGDM 2022-24
Major Start-up incumbents in India
Navigating The Challenges of Startup Incubators
Mr.Rajat Shaha
PGDM 2022-24

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