About Dimensions

“Dimensions” is the official magazine of SDMIMD. It gives the students a proper platform to showcase his/her writing skills and other general interests other than curricular topics. The cover story reflects the contemporary issue and will be the most awaited part of the issue to the readers. It offers in-depth analysis of a particular topic. We cover a wide range of topics including entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility etc. It also has interviews from the business industry which will be of great help to the reader. Experts will share their experiences and they will also emphasize on the skills that are required to be industry ready. Book reviews of any two books are included for catering to book lovers and help others to start reading them. It also has articles written by students on various and diverse topics which will surely enhance the knowledge base of the reader. This does not limit the writer to write in a particular style but gives the freedom of expression. This is also a great source of innovative ideas. On a whole Dimensions will be a crisp copy to enlighten a management student’s horizon. Every issue will provide a good learning opportunity to its readers.

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