March 2016 – Convocation Issue

Digital Games Banks Got To Play…
By Mr. Arun S. Padaki, PGDM 1995-97
Gambling on Financial Derivatives
By Ms. Nadia Fernandes, PGDM 2015-17

Book Reviews
Dr. Elango Rengasamy
Head – Banking and Finance
The British University in Dubai
Dubai, UAE

Dr. Randolph Lee Carter
University at Buffalo
New York, USA
Dr. Lee Schlenker
Professor of Business Information Systems & Vice Dean of The Groupe ESC Pau, France

From Editorial Board…

SDMIMD is known for creating inspirational business leaders and entrepreneurs. It has always provided a great platform for students to showcase their talent. “Dimensions”, the official student magazine of SDMIMD is one among those platforms. It gives the student a platform to showcase his/her writing skills and other general interests other than curricular topics.

The Convocation Issue of the Dimensions Magazine contains articles and book review contributions from the students as well as the alumni of SDMIMD. It also contains transcripts of interviews that the students had conducted with corporate personages during the International Conferences on Finance and Operations during the academic year 2015-16. The transcripts provide valuable insight to not just the students, but also to anyone interested, about the recent-day corporate world and its expectations from Business-school graduates.

All put together, the convocation issue serves as an interesting read, covering broad topics that form a large part of the present day discussion in the corporate arena.

We at Team Dimensions would like to thank our Director Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, and our Deputy Director Dr. H. Gayathri for their constant support and guidance. We would also like to extend our whole hearted thanks to Prof. R. Sugant, and all of our own faculty for being there with us and guiding us whenever we had any problems. This magazine would not have been completed if we had not got timely guidance, support and motivation from Sir. Sunil M. V and Mr. Rajashekar S.

In case of any doubts, corrections, comments, suggestions or criticism, please feel free to get in touch with us at

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